April's Top Ten

A quick look back at last month's most popular posts here on the Desperate Pastor blog:

1. Top Ten Things I've Learned as a Pastor (an April Fool's Day post)
2. Sunday Night Rejoicings (April 11)
3. Questions Unchurched Folk are Not Asking
4. Someone Always Has to Spoil It for Everyone Else
5. Beautiful View at the Loft
6. Top Ten Signs You're In a Dangerous Church
7. The Last Ten Books I Didn't Finish
8. Church of the Week: Baladron/Grass Chapel
9. Agnes's Birthday Party
10. Top Ten Worst Things to Do with Your Tax Refund

Three top ten lists. One Video of the Week. One Laugh of the Week. A "church of the week" from last November! And a Sunday Night Rejoicing post.

Thank you for reading the blog!

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