The Peacemaker

I agree with my friend and coworker in the Gospel, Kim Sterwerf, who says she wishes she had discovered The Peacemaker, by Ken Sande, decades ago. It's that important. It's that helpful.

It is a singularly thorough guide to Biblical peacemaking, and sort of the centerpiece of Peacemaker Ministries' message and work. It fleshes out the commands of Jesus and the inspired guidance of the Bible and constructs a practical, Biblical, and utterly transforming approach to conflict resolution.

Central to the book is the "4 Gs," a memorable process for peacemaking, based on Scripture: "Glorify God, "Get the log out of your own eye," "Gently restore," and "Go and be reconciled." A plethora of real-life examples and illustrations help to cement the principles in the reader's mind.

There is much more, however, to becoming a peacemaker than reading--and even applying--this excellent book. The church I pastor has been involved with Ken Sande's fine organization for more than a year now, and I can also personally and highly recommend the Biblical Peacemaking seminars, small group materials, and The Leadership Opportunity (for church leaders). In fact, later this week, I will be joining other leaders in my church for a further step in the process, intense training in conflict coaching and mediation skills.

I sincerely and passionately urge every Christ-follower to read this book. More than that: devour it, study it, and learn to live it. As I said, it's that important.

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