Sunday Night Rejoicings

A few thoughts on a GREAT day today…

  • I loved speaking today in a straitjacket (on the topic "Free to Enjoy" from Galatians 2:11-21). It was fun. But my friend Brad said there was a noticeable, obvious difference between my speaking while in the straitjacket and my speaking after I took it off; much more free out of the straitjacket. Not surprising, but still... I didn't even think of that.
  • Great job today, Under Cover! Beautiful worship. One of these days, though, the folks in the first celebration are gonna be fined for letting the people in second celebration outworship them, week after week. Come ON, ten o'clockers! Don't let the 11:30ers show you up!
  • I am a lover of God's Word....but I'm nonetheless amazed at the challenge and awesomeness of this study of Galatians we're going through. I'm sure there's another book (or 65, even) that will tweak us and challenge us and work on us as much as this book is doing, but DANG!
  • Got an encouraging message from one of this morning's worshipers. "I really enjoyed the service today...favorite quote "dead people do not wear straight jackets." You know I'm 26 hours from the place I am from, and in this new place, I have found a lot of freedom. I am really enjoying finding who/what I am and want to be, without worrying about what others think. I appreciate that it is a place where I'll never be good enough, because I already am. I didn't get that in some other places I've lived."
  • Already have a request or two to borrow the straitjacket. Might have to develop a sign-out system.
  • Thanks, Cobblestone, for your responsiveness in prayer this morning.
  • Loved the testimony/report video of our mission team to Peru that was shown in both celebrations this morning. Wasn't sure if it was Pastor John Johnson or Ahab the Arab I was seeing though. Maybe it was his Lawrence of Arabia impression.
  • I say it every week, but I LOVE meeting new folks. And even more seeing the faces of "new" folks I met last week or the week before coming back for more! Praise God!
  • As always, thanks to the talented Andrea Hughes for the photo of me in the straitjacket (copyrighted image; may not be used as evidence in a court of law).
  • I've been preaching for more than thirty years....and I'm still learning new things. The last two weeks, it's been verrry interesting to see the different dynamic when I come off the stage for a portion of the message. Of course, we know we have to improve our lighting setup to allow that to happen more frequently, as currently, I'm stepping out of the "hot spot" (lighting-wise) every time I do it. But it's worth doing.
  • I'm already looking forward to NEXT week, when I get to speak on "Free to Trust."

Oh, and thanks to Mike Rengert. He tied me up before both messages this morning...and though I know he was sorely tempted, he did NOT tie the restraints too tight.

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  1. Awesome job today Hoss! I especially liked when you took the jacket off and put the jacket on and then off and then on again then finally took it off. Thanks for paintng a picture about living free in Chrtist and living to please HIM and not man. Living to serve the KING, praying people see my love for HIM is what makes me live an abundant life - a life I want to soak up and enjoy to the fullest.