Church of the Week: The Salvation Army, Lancaster, PA

A couple weeks ago I visited The Salvation Army in Lancaster, PA, with my wife, the lovely Robin. Our friends, Captains Tim and Lisa Sheehan, are the corps officers (pastors) there, and they hosted us with immense generosity and hospitality.
We attended my nephew Philip's wedding on Saturday, officiated by my much older brother, Don. 
Sunday morning I was blessed to bring the message to the assembled saints and soldiers, speaking on the topic, "Falling in Love with God," from Hosea 3. The congregational singing was enthusiastic. The music, provided by a fourteen-piece band and Commissioner Nancy Moretz at the piano, was sensitive. The response to the message was wonderful. And it was a joy to worship with so many friends, old and new. 

The Salvation Army is located at 131 S. Queen Street in Lancaster, PA.

Aren't We All?

The Pastor's Desk (Episode 35)

The pastor's desk pictured above is that of Cornell Jordan of Cornell Jordan Ministries and Executive Pastor for Student Ministries and Missions at Dayspring Church in Bowling Green, Ohio. He is also a dear friend and a traveling evangelist who spreads the Gospel to students and adults around the world.

(If you would like to participate in this recurring feature on the Desperate Pastor blog, submit a single photo of a pastor's study, office, or desk--but no tidying up before taking the picture, mind you--to, along with a short description identifying to whom it belongs)

Church of the Week: St. Meinrad Archabbey, St. Meinrad, IN

 My wife, the lovely Robin, and I spent this past weekend on a silent prayer retreat at St. Meinrad Archabbey in south-central Indiana (near Evansville). St. Meinrad monastery was founded in 1854 by monks from the thousand-year-old Swiss abbey of Einsiedeln, where St. Meinrad lived and died. Today, it is a thriving community of ninety or so monks which also includes a seminary (more than a hundred seminarians studying for the priesthood), theological school, publishing house (Abbey Press), gift shop, and extensive grounds.
The archabbey church is a beautiful place, with a Christus painted in 1943 by Fr. Gregory de Wit, a monk of Mont C├ęsar Abbey in Belgium, who while visiting the abbey also painted the chapter room.
Accustomed as I am to prayer retreats at another famous monastery (see here), it took some getting used to (and getting over myself) to sing the songs and chants (and the updated Gloria) that are used at St. Meinrad's (see here for information about the extensive liturgical music program there).
The many works of art in and around the archabbey church include this triptych (above) depicting the life of St. Meinrad, a ninth-century monk, priest, hermit, and saint.

St. Meinrad's is a beautiful place to retreat, pray, worship, and be. More information is available on their website (yes, monks have websites),

8 Headlines You Won't Be Able to Resist!

Buzzfeed and similar websites have introduced a new kind of headline to news articles, intended to draw as many clicks as possible. As a humble blogger, the Desperate Pastor doesn't get nearly enough traffic. So, what if I started writing Buzzfeed-like headlines for my blog posts? I thought it would be worth a try:

You Won't Believe This Church Name (At Least They're Honest)

Totally Shocking--But TRUE!--Church Website Claims

I Was Gonna Show These Keys to Staying Married in Ministry To My Wife--Until I Got to #7

Is Your Pastor Saved? Not Without This!

One Insanely Easy Tip to Change Your Daily Life!

Church Signs Like This Should Be Outlawed!

You Won't Believe What We Saw on This Pastor's Desktop!

How One Photo Exposed a Churchgoer's Sick Behavior!

What do you think? Did it work? Should I keep it up? Stay tuned...

A New Way to Pray

Many years ago I wrote an article that has been published many times as "31 Ways to Pray for Your Kids," "A Parent's Prayer Program," and "31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children." It has been translated into such languages as Korean, Spanish, and Swahili. It was adapted into a prayer card (see here) that many people have kept in their Bibles or purses and worn out in praying for their children, grandchildren, students, nephews, nieces--and even themselves.

That prayer aid is now available as "31 Ways to Pray for Your Kids," an iPhone/iPad app that makes it easy to pray purposefully and Biblically for those you love. It gives you a short Bible-based prayer every day. It allows you to set a daily reminder for your iPhone or iPad.

One reviewer says, "This app is simple and easy to use. Set the time you want to pray for your children - it reminds you with a daily prayer, scripture to support it and beautiful graphics! A must have!"

Go to the app store on iTunes and download it now. Tell your friends about it. Let your MOPS group know. Share the news with the parents at church or school. Help us spread the word. Get praying and watch God do great things in the kids you care about.