Top Ten Worst Things To Do With Your Tax Refund

From time to time in our Sunday messages at Cobblestone Community Church, we'll feature a Top Ten list. This one is appropriate for tax season: The Top Ten Worst Things to Do With Your Tax Refund.

10. Send it to a wealthy Nigerian government official who contacted you via email and is asking to move millions of dollars into your bank account.

9. Hide it all under your mattress, and put one of those security signs in the yard that says, “No money hidden under the mattress.”

8. Solid gold pants for the whole family.

7. Two words: Grand Victoria.

6. Wire your refund out of the country because you got something from a friend’s email that said, “Help, I lost my money and credit cards and need you to send me money right away.”

5. Buy a new set of clothes for your dog. He’s already wearing clothes, folks. It's called fur.

4. Buy the boxed set of William Hung’s Greatest Hits

3. Two words: Trader’s World.

2. Buy every clearance package of Easter Peeps you can find.

And the number one worst thing you can do with your tax refund:

1. Ask a politician to watch it for you.

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