Church of the Week: St. Vivian's, Finneytown, Ohio

I had occasion to be in Finneytown (in Cincinnati) not long ago, to have lunch with my friend Tim. While there, I stopped to snap a few photos of a church I've attended a couple times...each time in the company of my brother-in-law Ron.

When the lovely Robin and I lived and ministered in Finneytown (1983-1987), Ron and his family came a couple times over one holiday or another. I think we attended a Christmas mass one year. And it was at this church that I heard my most memorable sermon (or "homily," if you prefer).

It was a sweltering summer day, probably sometime around the July 4 holiday. The air conditioning in the church had malfunctioned, and everyone in the church was dripping wet from sweat before the preacher even took the pulpit. The text for the day was Hebrews 12:6: "For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth." The preacher said, and I quote:
If it is true that "whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth," and if it can be said that heat is a form of chastening, then the Lord must love us very, very much.
And then he sat down. I coulda kissed the man. And I'm sure I wasn't alone.

St. Vivian's Church and School is located at 7600 Winton Rd. in Finneytown. It is named for St. Vivian, a woman who was martyred for her faith, possibly during the reign of Emperor Julian (circa 331-363).

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