Sunday Night Rejoicings

Just a few quick thoughts on another lovely day at Cobblestone Community Church:
  • God was clearly in the house today. I honestly sensed a spiritual freedom while I was still walking to The Loft from my car! We were truly on holy ground.
  • I hope our first celebration crowd are learning to worship more freely! I mentioned when I took the stage to pray for the offering that it seemed that this crowd--which is always outdistanced by the worshipers in the late celebration--was ready to give that smaller crowd a run for their money, so to speak.
  • Today's message, "Free to Receive," from Galatians 3:26-4:7, was a blast for me! From Edward VI to "God has no second-class sons" to the significance of the word "redeemed" in verse 5, and more, this message meant a lot to me.
  • It's always a joy and a privilege to pray with people in and after each celebration. And to pray with people in the atrium...and in the parking lot...even BETTER!
  • There was a great outreach team meeting this morning, before first celebration. Those folks are awesome. God, bless our efforts. We're having a free family movie nite this Saturday at The Loft, and in June a grocery cart outreach in Brookville (June 12) and a $1 Car Wash outreach (June 26) ALSO in Brookville! These will be the first times we've taken it to Brookville. Why did it take us so long?
  • People were actually DANCING in the parking lot after this morning's worship. I kid you not. Love it.
  • New folks are coming to Cobblestone in such numbers these days that I can't keep up! Gave away a handful of welcome folders myself this morning, and keep welcoming folks that have been coming for weeks! It's a good thing that there are many, but I want to know them all!
  • I'm LOVING it that people are lingering in prayer after celebrations, and that folks are hanging around, laughing, talking, celebrating, too. I'm loving seeing God build relationships between his precious ones.

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