Questions Unchurched Folk are NOT Asking

Perry Noble hits the nail on the head more than any pastor blogger I read. A couple days ago he offered Ten Questions That Unchurched People Are NOT Asking:
#1 – “What do you do to disciple people?” (This question is usually asked by people who want to ‘microwave” spiritually, not understand that they themselves actually became mature in the “crock pot.”)

#2 – “Who is speaking this weekend?” (They usually don’t care about the WHO…it’s the WHAT that matters to them.)

#3 – “Are you reformed in your theology?” (Most of them have no idea what in the heck this means!)

#4 – “Is your church spirit filled?”

#5 – “What version of the Bible do you use?” (Many unchurched people don’t even really know there are different versions!)

#6 – “What denomination are you affiliated with?”

#7 – “How many different activities can I sign my family up for in order to add to the insane schedule that we already have?”

#8 – “Does your pastor teach exegetically through the Scriptures?”

#9 – “Are there lots of crosses and pictures of Jesus in your church?”

#10 – “Are you guys pre trib, mid trib, post trib or partial trib?”
I think he's right. A few more could be added, I'm sure, but by and large, we church folk ask and answer questions that only church folk like us are asking. The unchurched in our communities are more focused on "becoming more spiritual" (they really DO want someone to help them pray and learn stuff from the Bible), developing relationships (but not attending ten different meetings in a week), and reaching out to other people in meaningful ways. A church that focuses on those things will have far more of an impact than a church that teaches against this or that Bible translation or emphasizes purity of doctrine, whether Calvinist or Arminian.

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