The Last Ten Books I Didn't Finish

Once upon a time, I felt obligated to finish every book I started. Even if I lost interest within the first few pages.

Thanks to intensive therapy, I gave that up awhile ago. But I still faced a problem. I keep a record of the books I read; I couldn't possibly invest 20 or 30 pages into a book, only to set it aside....without somehow recording that I had at least given it a shot. You understand, right? Please say yes.

So I simply added a new notation to my annual reading record, a simple mark that would indicate books I never finished, and didn't plan to. Now, keep in mind that there will be some fine writers on the following list, and even some fine books. Sometimes I stop reading because a book is boring, but sometimes it has more to do with the mood I'm in or the sort of reading experience I was expecting. So please, no nasty letters. And please don't tell the estimable Max Lucado that he's on the list; he knows people. So, having said that, here's the last ten books I didn't finish:
  • Jerusalem, by Karen Armstrong
  • Making Stress Work for You, by Lloyd Ogilvie
  • Cure for the Common Life, by Max Lucado
  • Two Days Longer, by Beth Lueders
  • Hideous Kinky, by Esther Freud
  • Time's Arrow, by Martin Amis
  • Cloudsplitter, by Russell Banks
  • Rabbi Jesus, by Bruce Chilton
  • Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
  • The Power of One, by Bruce Courtenay
What about you? What was the last book YOU didn't finish?


  1. Guess I need some of the same therapy. I MUST finish each book I start. I MUST!!! A while back I decided to read everything of Madeleine L'Engle. A stellar writer, for sure, but all of her books are not. Stellar, that is. I'm currently reading--aka dragging my reluctant mind--through one of her "young adult" books. I need to put it down and start something else. But I can't. I. Just. Cannot.
    Jean Syswerda

  2. Just. Say. No. Jean. Life is too short. And besides, someday you may come back to that book and not be able to put it down. At least if you're anything like me. In which case, I'm sorry. :)