The Top Ten Reasons People Don’t Go to Church

From time to time in our Sunday messages at Cobblestone Community Church, we'll feature a Top Ten list. This one was featured in our Spring 2009 "RE:set" series... The Top Ten Reasons People Don’t Go to Church:

10. The band and pastors don’t respond to my remote control.

9. Two words: Sealy Posturepedic.

8. The crossword puzzle in the Sunday paper takes me all morning to finish.

7. Two words: Hung over.

6. People that happy just give me the creeps.

5. Last time I knelt to pray I couldn’t get up again.

4. Two words: Joel Osteen.

3. Prefer Doritos to those little crackers they pass out.

2. When I want to feel guilty, I just call my mother.

And, the number one reason people don’t go to church…

1. They’re all hypocrites, especially that Bob Hostetler guy!

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  1. Shalom. I've read several of your blogs and it's clear that you are trying to be silly when it comes to your top 10 lists (including this one).

    May I suggest another reason: "SOME of the food you serve at potlucks just ain't "kosher". (8-D ... A Jewish man wearing glasses and smiling...