Turning Good Things into God Things

Saw this great post a few days ago on the Ministry Best Practices blog:
Mark Driscoll looks at idolatry and applies it especially (though not exclusively) to those in ministry. He defines idols as good things turned into God things—which is a bad thing. (or as I have heard Tim Keller say, idols are turning 'good things' into 'ultimate things')

Driscoll shows that idols lie to us by presenting themselves as Saviors and mediators who can give us identity and make us righteous. But in reality they dishonor God and destroy people.

Driscoll asks 11 questions about ministry idolatry in particular:

  • Attendance idolatry: Does your joy change when your attendance does?
  • Gift idolatry: Do you feel that God needs you and uses you because you are so skilled?
  • Truth idolatry: Do you consider yourself more righteous than more simple Christians?
  • Fruit idolatry: Do you point to your success as evidence of God’s approval of you?
  • Method idolatry: Do you worship your method as your mediator?
  • Tradition idolatry: What traditions are you upholding that are thwarting the forward progress of the gospel?
  • Office idolatry: Are you motivated primarily by God’s glory or your title?
  • Success idolatry: Is winning what motivates you at the deepest level?
  • Ministry idolatry: Do you use the pressure of ministry to make you walk with God?
  • Innovative idolatry: Does it matter to you that your ministry be considered unique?
  • Leader idolatry: Who, other than Christ, are you imaging?

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  1. This makes a lot of sense. We do mistake many good things for God Himself, thereby making idols of things that couldn't really help us. Let us always be reminded from whom all such good things come from. Be blessed!