360° Life

Billy Joe Daugherty's new book, 360° Life (Ten Ways You Can Live More Richly, Deeply, Fully), promises to explore how ordinary people, caught in the midst of difficult, dark, and seemingly impossible situations experience life-altering events as a result of simple faith, and help the reader finally break free from fear, doubt, rejection, and other roadblocks.

After the opening chapter on Resurrection, the chapters focus on:
  • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
  • You Can Make a Difference
  • The Power of Your Words
  • Courage During Change and Uncertainty
  • Hearing God's Voice
  • What God Thinks of You
  • Rising Above Your Circumstances
  • Second Chances
  • Restoration
  • Giving Thanks.
It is written in a style any reader can understand and identify with, and includes not only gripping illustrations from Daugherty's (and his wife's) story, but also real-life testimonies of people whose experience proves the authenticity of the author's claims.

While there were no great revelations or new discoveries for me, that may just be the strength of the book: it is solid, simple Gospel. And as I read, I sincerely sensed the working of God's Holy Spirit in me.

The story behind the story is also gripping: the book contains an epilogue, written by the author's wife and family, detailing the events that led to Billy Joe's passing from earth to heaven in November 2009.

The book can be purchased directly from www.randomhouse.com. It is available not only in hardcover and ebook editions, but in economical ten-packs, which make it ideal for sharing with people who don't yet know the love of God in Christ. You can also download the book's first chapter here.

This book was provided for review by the publisher, Waterbrook Press.

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