Church of the Week: The Garden Tomb

Today's "church of the week" is not a church, per se, but it is a place I have worshiped deeply on four different occasions, and it's appropriate for this first Monday of Easter.

About 100 yards from the site that is sometimes called, "Gordon's Calvary," after a British officer and amateur archaeologist who identified a skull in the side of a cliff (the place of Jesus' crucifixion was called, "Golgotha," which means "place of the skull"), the bottom half of which is obscured by recent construction for a bus station, though the eyes of the skull are still clearly visible.... the Garden Tomb, discovered in 1867. Though this place is almost certainly not the actual tomb of Christ, I tell folks who travel with us is that it is a great site to worship and meditate on the resurrection of Jesus:

Inside the door, which bears a plaque asserting, "He is not here; He is risen," is a rock-hewn bier, where apparently someone had once been buried. The rest of the tomb was never finished:

The lovely Robin and I most recently worshiped here--we sang "In the Garden" and "He Lives," read Luke 24:1-9, and shared communion--this past January:

It's a lovely place to worship, with many nooks and private arbors for gathering.

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