HELP! I’m Locked IN My Church And Can’t Get Out!!!

Pastor/musician/blogger/artist Carlos Whitacre posted this entry a couple days on his blog. Interesting timing. Last week was the first week our staff began observing fixed on-site "pastoral office hours" at The Loft! Those hours will hopefully increase our interaction with the flock....and will challenge us to work even harder at getting outside the church walls into our community.
When I read the Bible. And I do that once in a while. I watch Jesus, I read about the church, and I see them ministering in their community.
Ministering in their community.
Ministering in their community.
And I don’t think it was just the “community outreach minister” ministering in the community.
As I look at church staffs today and what they do…I would dare say that 95% of their work is done in the cubes and walls of a church building.
I know.
Sunday is coming.
I know.
We have to get ready for Sunday.
I know.
We have hundreds and thousands walking in this coming Sunday.
But guess what?
Wednesday is coming. Thursday is coming. Friday is coming.
When we have to have staff positions created to be “outreach” I think we have broken something.
So if you are media guy…you are outreach guy, worship guy…you are outreach guy, small group gal…you are outreach gal, youth gal…you are outreach gal.
I absolutely think that we should be working a lot more in shared work spaces and such rubbing elbows and working along side those who have no idea who Jesus is.
I think it is time that we spend a bit more times outside the church walls so that the time we do spend in the church walls doesn’t make us secularly retarded.

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