All Night Prayer

Words just can't describe the success and blessing of last night's "Armed and Ready 12-Hour Prayer Event!"

Around 100 people gathered from the outset, including folks from seven different churches (I think), as Under Cover, Vernie Strait, Con Brio, the OHOP band, and the Chris Owens Trio rocked our worship world!

The night's efforts were brilliantly planned and seamlessly executed. The initiation of a Healing Touch ministry (under the auspices of our Director of Prayer Ministry, Barbara Johnson) was a great success and blessing to many! About twenty people participated all the way to the wee hours, when after nearly twelve hours of prayer we gathered for food and fellowship in the atrium and departed The Loft a little after 7 a.m.!

Among the many, many highlights for me: the Spirit-drenched worship which left me hoarse but wanting more; the prayer stations for every church in town (pictured below); the testimony of miraculous healing of Mike Johnson's left eye as well as the report of at least one instantaneous healing experienced during the healing prayer time; the careful, thoughtful prayer over every one of the response slips people wrote on last Sunday in our worship celebrations; the prayer session for pastors, with (I think) eight or so pastors participating from four or five different churches; and the "Next Generation Blessing" prayer offered over Con Brio and the youth who gathered, with folks (me included) gathering around the young people and laying hands of blessing on them. And that was only SOME of the blessing!

I am sincerely filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory over the amazing people God has given to me to do life with, to love and to minister with! Honest to goodness, the devotion and passion and kindness and ministry hearts of his people last night gave me a major rush! God is using these saints of his in mighty, mighty ways, to bless each other, to bless others....and me, perhaps most of all.

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