May's Top Ten

And now it's time for a quick look back at last month's most popular posts here on the Desperate Pastor blog:

1. Top Ten Signs Your Sermon Isn't Going Well
2. Exactly!
3. Sunday Night Rejoicings (May 2)
4. The Peacemaker
5. Top Ten Reasons People Don't Go to Church
6. Sunday Night Rejoicings (May 9)
7. The Top Ten Worst Ways to Start a Spiritual Conversation
8. Conflict Coaching and Mediation Training
9. I Am Hutterite
10. Strike the Shepherd

Three top ten lists. Two Sunday Night Rejoicing posts. Two book reviews. Oh, and though the vast majority of visitors to this blog in May were from the U.S. and Canada, other visitors hail from (most to least) the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Peru, Estonia, Israel, France, Pakistan, Singapore, Philippines, Germany, Kenya, Hong Kong, Austria, Argentina, Iran, Serbia, Italy, Belgium, and Nigeria.

Thank you for reading the blog!

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