How to Survive the End of the World

Soooooo excited to be starting our new teaching series this Sunday, "How to Survive the End of the World," a ten-part exposition of The Revelation, the last book in the Bible.

We've surely bit off more than we can chew in planning this series. In fact, the just-finished series on Galatians ("Livin' Venti") was a stretch for some of our family, and we plan a series on the Song of Solomon ("Romance, Love, and Sex: The Authorized Guide") in the Fall, which will also be a challenge. But this series--trying to exposit one of the most challenging books of the Bible, twenty-two chapters, in just ten messages--five hours of teaching, total--over the summer months, is cuh-RAZY! So, God help us!

The series will shake down like this (the outline and general gist of the series is drawn from Eugene Peterson's excellent book, Reversed Thunder):

6/13 “The Last Word” (introduction to Revelation; Revelation 1)

6/20 “The Last Word on the Church” (Revelation 2-3)

7/4 “The Last Word on Worship” (Revelation 4-5)

7/11 “The Last Word on Evil” (Revelation 6-7)

7/18 “The Last Word on Prayer” (Revelation 8-9)

7/25 “The Last Word on Witness” (Revelation 10-11)

8/1 “The Last Word on Politics” (Revelation 12-14)

8/8 “The Last Word on Judgment” (Revelation 15-18)

8/15 “The Last Word on Salvation” (Revelation 19-20)

8/22 “The Last Word on Heaven” (Revelation 21-22)

It promises to be a wild ride through perhaps the wildest book of the Bible. And somebody (he knows who he is) has tried every trick in the book to derail my study and preparation for the first two messages in the series. I'm hoping that means God plans to accomplish GREAT things over the course of the series. Of course he does!

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