Church of the Week: Crossroads Community Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

Crossroads Community Church, in Cincinnati, started in 1996 with a bang. Starting in rented space at Peoples Middle School (now Clark Montessori) in Hyde Park with about 450 people in attendance, Crossroads has since grown to thousands.

It's a wonderful church, now housed in a former warehouse that has been renovated to striking effect.

They do some very cool things there. As you might see from the photo of the auditorium, below, this is not a traditional church. But they make the faith very accessible to non-churc h-folk, which is a great thing. Their ministries are top-notch, their worship music LOUD and original, their teaching is practical, their media and communication tools enviable, and their atrium, which they leave open much of the week to encourage people to meet others there for coffee and just to generally hang out, is inviting. And perhaps most importantly, they have a great vision and heart for reaching people in Cincinnati and partnering with other churches to do so.

I have attended several worship experiences there, and had the blessing of meeting with the teaching pastor Brian Tome, a few years back. He was very gracious and helpful.

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