What's On God's iPod?

Sooooo excited about our new teaching series at Cobble-stone, starting this Sunday. It's called "God's iPod," and will seek to answer the question, "What's on God's iPod?" It will combine current radio hits by artists like The Fray and Sugarland with a lyric from the ancient hitlist of Israel, the Psalms.

I get to speak this Sunday on "When You're Losing Your Grip" and the next on "When You Feel Lonely." The other topics are "When You Need a New Start," "When You're Tired of Trying," and "When You Need a Friend." The last topic was going to be "When You're Looking for a Happy Ending," but I think we're going to change it up. I'm looking for a song on the radio right now (could be country, rock, alternative, pretty much anything) that might be on God's iPod because it encourages people to look outside themselves and think of others and reach out to each other. Knowwhatimean? Any suggestions? Help me out here, people. You can either comment below or email your ideas to hoss@cobblestonechurch.com.

Our worship team, Under Cover, and the band Con Brio, will be providing the musical support for the series, injecting one of those current hit songs into each of the messages. It's gonna be great fun!

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