Find Your Strongest Life

Marcus Buckingham, author of the hugely successful (and helpful) books, First, Break All The Rules and Now, Discover Your Strengths (among others) brings his passion to women in Find Your Strongest Life.

Like his other books, this one is thoroughly entertaining and extremely practical. It includes his signature diagnostic tool in the form of the Strong Life Test. And it seems to hit every chord a female reader is going to want to hear, from "Ten Myths About the Lives of Women" to the latter chapters, which prescribe tactics for a stronger career, stronger relationships, stronger kids, and a stronger future. In this reader's view, chapter 9 ("Strive for Imbalance"), in which he says, "Balance is almost impossible to attain, and unfulfilling when you do. Ignore it," may well be the most impactful and life-changing in the whole book. But they're all good.

Here's the author talking about the book:

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