Enjoy NOW

Thanks, Mark Batterson, for this valuable word from your blog:
Is it possible that one of your greatest spiritual responsibilities is to enjoy this moment in your life as much as you possibly can? Right here. Right now. Are you enjoying life as much as you can?

As a young church planter, I always felt driven by what was next. I thought I'd find fulfillment in our next service or next sermon or next stage. It's a lie. It's the when/then syndrome. When we have a certain number of people...make a certain amount of money...have a certain number of things...get a certain promotion...then I'll be happy. No you won't. You need to enjoy the journey.

I love the very first statement of the Shorter Westminster Catechism. It hits the nail on the head: the chief end of man is the glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

I don't think we're good at enjoying God.

Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow. Why? Lots of reasons. But one of them is this: so you don't waste emotional energy on things you cannot control. Don't waste guilt on yesterday or anxiety on tomorrow. Spend today's emotional energy on today!

Live like today is the first day and last day of your life.

The more you enjoy God the more you glorify God.

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