10 Leadership Lessons in 30 years (Monday version)

Once more, following up Chuck Swindoll's inspired summary of ten leadership lessons he's learned in fifty years of incredibly effective ministry (here), I thought I'd make my own paltry pass at the concept. Wanna know the ten leadership lessons I have learned in thirty years of fairly pedestrian ministry? Here they are (WARNING: this is the Monday version...it's quite different from the Sunday version!):

1. To lead is to make decisions. To make decisions is to satisfy some and disappoint others. Therefore, you can be sure that if you make a decision, you will disappoint some people.

2. If you don't make a decision, you'll disappoint some people.

3. If you change something, you'll be criticized.

4. If you don't change something, you'll be criticized.

5. If you say the wrong thing, people will leave the church.

6. If you say the right thing, people will leave the church.

7. In most people's eyes, one dumb decision will always outweigh the thousand good decisions that preceded it.

8. If you try to please everyone, you won't please God. And you won't please everyone, either.

9. If you try to please God, you won't please everyone. But at least you'll please God. So might as well just try to please God.

10. Mondays suck.

Okay, so I know they're not as good as Swindoll's lessons. But who didn't see THAT coming?

(illustration is from the blog of Maioush Qwaider)

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