10 Leadership Lessons in 30 years (Sunday version)

In honor of Chuck Swindoll's inspired summary of ten leadership lessons he's learned in fifty years of incredibly effective ministry (here), I thought I'd make my own paltry pass at the concept. Wanna know the ten leadership lessons I have learned in thirty years of fairly pedestrian ministry? It's tough to come up with ten. Ask anyone who knows me. I haven't learned much. But, here they are, nonetheless (this is the Sunday version, remember; the Monday version is coming...well, tomorrow):

1. God is good...all the time.

2. If a preacher meets God in the study, the people may just meet Him in the sermon.

3. There is no substitute for passionate, God-honoring worship music.

4. The Church is a beautiful thing.

5. True worship is caught more than taught.

6. If you haven't prayed, you're not ready to preach...or counsel...or anything else.

7. Ministry hurts. It also stoops. It also blesses.

8. It is such a great honor to pray with people.

9. Joy comes in the morning. Sunday morning, usually.

10. God is good...all the time.

Stay tuned tomorrow for 10 Leadership Lessons in 30 years (Monday version). It'll be a little different.

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