House of Prayer

One of our stated values since we started Cobble-stone Community Church nine years ago has been prayer (Colossians 4:2). We have said since day one, "we want to 'devote [ourselves] to prayer,' not because we believe in the quantity or quality of our prayers but because we believe in the power and grace of our God."

Over the years, that value hasn't been reflected as much as I've wanted. But it's being reflected now!

What a blessing it is for this pastor to be part of a church that hosts Oxford House of Prayer in our auditorium, a weekly prayer meeting that is supported musically by our worship ministry and has seen participation from ten different churches. Week after week, prayer warriors from my church and others gather and ask, seek, and knock until God answers. And he does! It's exciting, refreshing, and wonderful. It happens every Friday night at The Loft from 7-9 (sometimes later, as the Spirit leads).

Let me just say, having been a Christ-follower from childhood and a pastor since 1980, I have been in many prayer meetings. But I'm blessed to believe that THESE prayer meetings are what EVERY pastor wants and EVERY church needs. And I get to be a part of it.

To read more about OHOP, read this from the blog of one of our church's leaders.

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