6 Things a Leader Should ALWAYS Apologize For

It's only fitting that Perry Noble should follow up his post (from his blog) about things a leader should never apologize for with the following post about six things a leader should ALWAYS apologize for:
#1 – Always Apologize When You Screw Up!

I have actually had “leaders” tell me that they cannot admit to their staff when they make a mistake because it indicates weakness to them…when in actuality what it indicates is stupidity, arrogance and fear.

When we make a mistake as leaders…OTHERS KNOW!!! AND…they most likely aren’t wanting to rub it in our faces…but simply for us to acknowledge our humanity.

One of the most dangerous places to be as a leader is to refuse to admit to people you are wrong when you’re wrong!

#2 – Always Apologize For Not Listening To Others!

Jesus didn’t call ANY of us to do life and/or ministry alone. AND…when we begin to take the “Lone Ranger” approach to ministry it will not be long before we shipwreck the whole thing.

God has placed people around me for accountability, protection and wisdom. The Bible says in Proverbs 11:14 that many advisers make victory sure! When we do not leverage the wisdom and experience around us we are SO limiting the church!

#3 – Always Apologize For Listening To The Wrong People!

We’ve GOT to listen to somebody…we can’t listen to everybody…and when we make please “everybody” our goal then we will live in a constant state of fear and frustration.

Who are the wrong people? It’s really simple…there are people that do not love you, do not know you, have never tried to understand you and spend the majority of their time attacking you and others. They are not motivated by the love of God…but rather their own pride and arrogance (which they accuse you of because you will not listen to them…which is ironic!) You cannot let those who don’t love you and are not willing to stand beside you be the dominating voice in your life!

#4 – Always Apologize For Not Trusting Your Team!

Every leader deals with this…we will give an assignment, the person who runs will the ball then makes a mistake or gets something wrong…and automatically we go to the “they don’t care” card and begin to look at them with suspicious eyes and withold our trust from them.

This is dysfunctional!

If God has surrounded you with great leaders…then you’ve GOT to trust them. And when they drop the ball…you’ve got to believe they are bothered by it and will do all they can to correct the problem.

(BTW…if you can’t believe this about the people you have around you…then do you have the right people around you?”

#5 – Always Apologize For Laziness!

As leaders we can NEVER fall into cruise control mode and believe that yesterday’s victories will be celebrated by tomorrow’s generation!

We MUST press ahead…we MUST keep trying…and when we begin to get lazy (refuse to take risks…stop begging God for His direction) then we are NOT being good stewards of the vision He has called us to.

This ISN’T about our personal comfort…it’s about HIS GLORY!

#6 – Always Apologize For Not Being Clear With Your Communication!

One of the BIGGEST frustrations I’ve faced as a leader is that I will (in my mind) communicate something very clearly…when in actuality I am being about as clear as mud to the other person. And then when they do not do what I requested…I get angry. BUT…they made the mistake NOT because they wanted to make sure I was mad…but because I didn’t do a good job with clear communication.

As leaders we have got to understand that we cannot hold people accountable for unspoken and unrealistic expectations–period. The clearer we are with our communication the bigger the potential for the win!
I would add:

#7 – Always Apologize For Not Seeking Direction from God
#8 – Always Apologize For Rude, Petty, or Thoughtless Behavior
#9 – Always Apologize For Letting Someone Down

And, perhaps most importantly:

#10 – Always Apologize For Cussing Out the Umpteenth Person You Have to Apologize to Today Because Everyone Seems to Have a Beef with You, Doggone It!

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