So You Say You've Been Mistreated?

Ray Ortlund posted a "Wow" piece (at least to my heart) on his blog a couple days ago. Here's how it starts:
In this life every one of us experiences injustice. The Judge of all the earth never treats us unjustly. But we treat one another unjustly. The complication is, of course, that we don’t always agree on who is being treated unjustly by whom. It’s hard enough to chart a just path forward in conflict; but with this complication, which is almost inevitable, an outcome satisfying to everyone becomes that much more elusive.

So let’s say you and I have been mistreated in a given situation. We have had injustice shoved down our throat. A bitter experience. Especially when the injustice is perpetrated by the powerful, the privileged, those in control. But immediately, a wonderful thought comes to mind. Jesus experienced it too. That awareness alone is the beginning of comfort. But what else can we keep in mind?
Go here to read the rest. It will be worth it. I promise.

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