Four Churches in Montrose, PA

Last week I had the joy and honor of meeting, coaching, and speaking to writers at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference in Montrose, PA (north of Wilkes-Barre and south of Binghamton, NY). While there, I took several evening walks through the community, and discovered some of the fine churches of this historic (established 1799) town.

The exquisite Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church, on South Main Street, boasts some beautiful stained glass windows. Man, those Catholics know how to build churches.

All the other churches I discovered were on Church Street, appropriately enough. Among them was St. Paul's Church (above), a historic Episcopal church.

The facade of First Presbyterian Church (above) was largely obscured by foliage.

Montrose United Methodist Church (above) was, like the others, quite old and seemed pretty active as well.

The last church I visited was the Bridgewater Baptist Church, on the opposite side of town from the others. I bet there's some theological significance in there somewhere. It dates back to 1807. I was there on a Wednesday evening, and the place seemed to be hopping.

I'm sure I only scratched the surface, but I left with the impression that there are some beautiful church structures in the area. I pray, of course, that the beauty goes well beyond the architecture.

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