"Don't Check Your Brains at the Door" Trivia Answers Are Here

Last night I had a blast hosting a "Don't Check Your Brains at the Door Q & A Party" on Facebook, to mark the release of my new book with Josh McDowell. I spent a little over an hour chatting with friends from far and wide about the book, and issues related to the book, and more. You can see some of the conversation here.

Part of the evening's festivities was a trivia contest....with questions about me and others about Josh. As promised, I'm posting the answers here on the Desperate Pastor blog.


Bob’s nicknames over his lifetime have included “Murph,” “Hoss,” and “AWOL.” TRUE
"Murph" came from my role in the musical, "Natural High," performed with the Metro-Aires in St. Louis when I lived there during my thirteenth and fourteenth years. "Hoss" has been a lifelong nickname, a truncation of my last name. And "AWOL" came about in high school because I was more often absent than present.
Bob wrote parts of the Bible. TRUE
Well, okay, sorta true. I wrote the prayers for the Job-Malachi section of The Prayer Bible from Tyndale House Publishers.
Bob had coauthored four books with Josh McDowell before they ever met. FALSE
It was three books.
Bob once went over a year without wearing matched socks. TRUE
It started at camp, when my laundry wasn't done, and I had to wear an unmatched pair of socks (this was in the days when tube socks were worn almost up to the knee and had colored stripes at the top). I got so much attention, I kept it up...for more than a year. Until I was onstage at AOK Congress 1976, in Columbus, in the garb of a town crier. I didn't realize until I left the stage that I had broken my record. I'm still dealing with the disappointment.
Bob has been married for 34 years to his high school sweetheart. TRUE
We didn't go to the SAME high school, but the lovely Robin and I began dating at age 16, were married at 19, and have been married now for 34 years, together for 37.

If Josh could share Christ with one person, face to face, it would be Britney Spears. TRUE

One of Josh's "bucket list" items is to purchase a Harley and ride through China. TRUE

Josh's favorite book of the Bible is Romans. TRUE

Josh's favorite Old Testament character is Nehemiah. FALSE
It's actually Noah. Though Nehemiah ranks right up there.

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