Church of the Week: Chamberlain Hall

The lovely Robin and I were blessed yesterday to worship in a place and with a people very special to us. We visited Camp Swoneky, near Lebanon, Ohio, for The Salvation Army's Swoneky Division Family Camp Sunday morning worship.

Chamberlain Hall is holy ground to us, the site of many holy moments in our childhood, teen, and adult years. We have both knelt at the altar there, played in the band there, sung and prayed and worshiped and more.

The divisional band played several selections, a praise team led a block of worship music, a young officer gave a testimony, a vocal solo was offered, and an interpretive dance was performed.

Commissioner Israel Gaither preached memorably (no surprise, of course) on the Matthew 8 account of the blind man who received a second touch, and the response during the prayer meeting that followed was beautiful to see.

We were blessed to be greeted warmly by many, many dear old friends (who I'm sure were jealous that we have stayed so young), including the new divisional leaders, our beloved friends Majors Hugh and Kathy Steele. It was a refreshing and renewing morning of worship and fellowship, for which we thank God.

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  1. It is holy ground. I spent many hours in this place singing, praying and playing in the bands myself. It was a favorite late night place for me when all others were asleep or supposed to be. I would sit there, contemplate my future and, now and then, I was certain I could hear voices from the past. It's a wonderful place to be late night with a cornet alone to play Im In His Hands.