Top Ten For February

Here's a quick look back at February's most popular posts here on the Desperate Pastor blog:

1. Key Books for A Man or Woman Entering Ministry
2. Church of the Week: Dominus Flevit
3. Death by Ministry
4. Are You Over-Saved?
5. Big Red Tractor (link no longer available)
6. Mr. Bean Goes to Church
7. Church of the Week: Chamberlain Hall
8. Love Was Here First
9. Be Careful Little Feet Where You Go
10. Five Characteristics of Weak Leaders

Wow. Number 8 is still generating traffic (since October), and Number 10 is as well (since November). Three videos made the list (Are You Over-Saved, Big Red Tractor, and Mr. Bean Goes to Church). Two Church-of-the-Week features (#2 and #7), and one of our new "Laugh of the Week" features (#9) also made the list.

Thank you for reading the blog!

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