Sunday Night Reflections

I continue to be amazed by the passion and effec-tiveness with which our worship ministry functions, week after week. This morning's worship at Cobblestone was a taste of heaven. After a Sunday like this, I honestly and fervently GRIEVE for those who weren't there!

What a blessing it was for me personally to give out three welcome folders to newcomers.

After talking yesterday to four new volunteers for the OverDrive group in our children's ministry, I had the blessing of talking to two more this morning!

One of my favorite things in the world is to pray with people after a worship celebration; that never gets old.

After our second celebration, a lot of people stuck around to stack chairs and wheel them out of the auditorium; the carpet is due to be cleaned this week (and the chairs replaced Friday and Saturday).

A friend at church directed me to Psalm 91:9-16 this morning. Not sure why, but MAN, those are some great verses!

I told a couple stories in this morning's talk about people who had been pinned under a car or truck while working underneath. Afterwards, my friend Chuck came up and told me he had once experienced exactly what I was talking about when years ago a neighbor was pinned under a vehicle and Chuck single-handedly lifted it high enough for the man to escape. He said, adrenaline or no adrenaline, he believed it was the power of God that worked in him at that moment (he tried a few days later to lift the same vehicle even a little bit. Couldn't even come close).

Easter is in TWO WEEKS. Lets do all we can to make sure that those who need to be in “the chair” are here…and in the meantime BEG GOD to do something amazing!

Cannot WAIT to preach again next week, closing out the "Do Something" series with the "Passion" message. In some ways, this feels like the most important message of the six!

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  1. I cannot believe this series is almost over already! I was thinking today how I have never in all my life enjoyed hearing passages from the Bible as much as when you read them to us...You read them as if they were happening right now! You make the words come to life and leave me wanting to hear more! This is such a change from my Catholic upbringing... a very welcome change! I have received so much from this Ministry in the last 15 months than I received in my lifetime as a Catholic.
    Thanks so much for that special gift!!