Another Desperate Pastor

I call this blog the Desperate Pastor blog because (as I say up front on the homepage), I don’t know nothing about pastoring no churches. And because I’m desperate for God. Desperate to make a difference. Desperate to find some sanity in my life and ministry. And because I am in desperate and constant need of help, prayer, counsel, grace, and forgiveness.

Well, turns out, I'm not the only such pastor out there. One of my favorite bloggers, Perry Noble, wrote this on HIS blog just a few days ago:
I’ve been a senior pastor now for about 10 years…and the longer I do this the more I realize that I really don’t know what I’m doing, which is awesome for because realizing this will keep me desperate for God’s voice; after all, it IS His church.

I will NEVER have church leadership figured out! The more I am around amazing leaders the more I realize I have so much to learn. The thing that I have learned though is that in order to be an effective church leader we MUST be willing to throw out philosophies, ideas and “book knowledge” that doesn’t fall in line with what the Scriptures and the Spirit is saying…

The beginning of Jesus bringing serious change in His church is when He begins to bring that type of serious change in the leadership of that church! If we are willing to embrace all He has for us…we will see things that absolutely blow our minds…and that’s my prayer. I don’t want to know it all…I want to know HIM who controls it all…and trust Him to lead me step by step!
True dat.

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