If Jesus Had a Facebook Page

By way of Eugene Cho's blog, a depiction (timed for Holy Week) of what it would look like if Jesus had a Facebook page (see the whole version here):

Some highlights:
  • Jesus has 777,777,777,777 fans
  • He has 144,000 messages in his inbox
  • The disciples wrote on Peter’s wall: So, Jesus told us to walk up to people we don’t know, and basically steal their colt and donkey… This is sketchy, don’t you think???
  • The High Priests have created a group: How to Use the Temple for piety AND profit
  • The High Priests have given Judas a gift: 30 pieces of Silver
  • Judas and the High Priest are now friends
  • Jesus has taken the “What Kind of Messiah are You?” quiz
  • Jesus has given Roman Soldier a gift: A New Ear
Now, before you comment, I know Holy Week is serious stuff. In fact, it doesn't get any more serious than the Passion. But it's also okay to use the sense of humor God gave you....

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