Reflections on a Great Day

Just a few reflections on a wonderful day at Cobblestone Community Church…
GREAT outreach team meeting this morning! Looking forward to the outreaches Saturday at 10:30 at Parkview Arms apartments and noon starting from The Loft.

As I mentioned in each celebration today, for a church that is so blessed week after week to have a band like Under Cover lead us in worship, to have a band of the caliber of Con Brio to play when Under Cover has the week off is SUCH a blessing!

Didn't check with the welcome center staff to learn if they gave out any newcomer folders today, but I got to give out four or five! What a blessing!

One of my favorite things in the world is being in the atrium at The Loft between celebrations on Sunday to see people greeting each other and rejoicing in each other's company.

I'm always thrilled when people gather at the front of the auditorium to pray in groups, as happened this morning.

I issued a challenge to the church today to unite to break our one-day attendance record on Easter Sunday this year. We want to host 700 people in worship that day! It will take all of us reaching out and inviting family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

This week, as usual, those in second celebration out-worshiped the much larger crowd in first celebration. Hands down.

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