What Kills a Church?

Yesterday, a post from Perry Noble's blog got me thinking. He asked, "What makes a church come alive?" I added a few ideas, and then thought further: "What kills a church?"
BURNOUT…when too much is being done by too few.
GOSSIP…when we start to talk ABOUT each other when we need to be talking TO each other.
BITTERNESS…when we fail to forgive and instead nurse grudges and let a root of bitterness take hold (Ephesians 4:31-32).
MISSION CREEP…when we start to focus on "What I want" instead of "What God wants."
IVORY TOWER SYNDROME…when the people making decisions are not on the front lines. When leaders are not (to use Cobblestone's parlance) seeking, sharing, and serving.
So, as I asked yesterday, How about you? Would you add anything?

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