My Computer History

I bought my first computer sometime around 1983. I remember using it primarily to program little prayer chorus tunes, which I subsequently played back during my personal prayer times....which was neither the wisest use of my time nor of the technology. Since then, I've owned and used (some of them to death) at least seven computers. Here's what I remember of my computer history:

Radio Shack TRS80
IBM 286
PowerBook 520c (pictured)
PowerMac 7300/166
Toshiba Satellite laptop
Compaq Presario desktop
iMac Aluminum Mid-2007 (current)
Macbook Pro (current)

As you see, I went from PC to Mac to PC to Mac....but now I can confidently say I am never turning back from my devotion to Mac. My PC years were occupationally driven, back in the days when it was important to send Word documents to publishers (and conversion from Mac was not always perfect).

Oh, and by the way, the Powerbook 520c still works. My son has it.

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