Church of the Week: Kumler Chapel

This week's featured church is Kumler Chapel, on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

I've performed at least a half dozen weddings in this lovely Romanesque chapel, including this past weekend. This was also the site of the hottest wedding I've ever performed, that of Ben and Lisa (Rohret) Weser in July of 2004, I think. This was before Kumler was air-conditioned, and it was 100 degrees-plus that day. Lisa was wearing a beaded gown that had to weigh about eight million pounds, and couldn't wipe off the sweat from her face fast enough. I cut the ceremony down to the bare essentials and am happy to report no one fainted.

Kumler was built in 1918, adapted from a Romanesque church in France. It was a gift of Anna Kumler Wight and Ella Kumler McKelvy, daughters of a Presbyterian pastor. Its stained glass windows focus on women of the Bible and of Western College women.


  1. Hi Bob, it's Lisa! Love that you blog!

    For the record, that dress only weighed oh, about THIRTY pounds (but CLOSE to eight million). And my guests STILL complain about the heat in that church to this day.

    Ben and I just celebrated ten years and expect our second child this Christmas ; ) If our marriage can stand up to heat like that, I'd say it can stand up to anything!

    Hope you and your family are well!

  2. Lisa, what a delight to get your comment! I can't believe it's been ten years! That seems impossible. And your second child on the way. That's just fantastic. If you ever find yourself in Oxford, I'd treat you to lunch again at's still going strong!

  3. Yep, our wedding was July 1999. If we'd know Kumler was eventually going to get A/C, we may have waited!

    We've only been back through Oxford once in all these years (we lived in Denver until recently). I hear it has changed a lot (there's a Starbucks?!) so I'm glad Kona is still going strong.

    Hope Robin and the kids are doing great! Thanks for the walk down memory lane ; )