Thanks, Cobblestone!

Wow, what a great day of worship and fellowship at Cobblestone. As usual, I am renewed and restored by the worship of God and the communion of saints. What a privilege to pray with so many after each celebration, for various needs! What a blessing to be a part of such an enthusiastic, worshiping, praying, responding, missional part of the body of Christ. God is moving, and I am a blessed man, a blessed pastor, and a blessed worshiper.


  1. Bob,

    It's such fun to follow the exploits of Cobblestone and their blessed man/pastor/worshipper. We really hope we can visit someday.



  2. God is amazing! Thanks Hoss for being a Pastor with a great big vision! Thanks for allowing God to be God and for the freedom you allow us in worship. It was one of the greatest honors of my life to stand next to your son today as we lead worship side by side. A dream come true!