A Pastor's Daily Prayer

For the last couple years at least, I have included in my morning prayers “A Prayer to Begin Every Day,” which sometimes (when I’m cooperative) helps me begin my day in the right frame of mind, with the most crucial petitions on my lips. It goes like this:
Lord God, Abba, Father,
thank you for this day,
and for all the promise and challenge it holds.
Help me to fulfill its promise
and answer its challenge.
Make me mindful of your presence all day;
remind me constantly that you are constant;
deliver me from temptation;
save me from stress caused by small faith;
help me to greet every turn in the path today
in the awareness that nothing surprises you,
nothing overwhelms you,
and nothing is too hard for you.
Grant me the peace that comes
from single-mindedness:
I have nothing to do today
except follow you as closely and faithfully as I can,
and the rest--all the results and ramifications--
is in your hand.

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