Hobbies for Pastors

Pastoring can be a tough gig. The work is never done. People can be changeful creatures. Ministry is so constant, need never takes a holiday, crises never cease, and criticism rolls on like a never-ending stream. Every time you deliver a sermon, the next one is a mere six days away. Every time someone volunteers, someone else resigns. For every repentant soul, there are half a dozen who are making eyes at the devil. Or so it seems at times.

That's why I'm convinced every pastor needs a good hobby. Something that can counter the frustrations and struggles of ministry. Something to make Mondays a little brighter. Something to replenish the empty fuel tank. Something sufficient different from ministry pursuits to constitute a mini-vacation every week or so...if only for an hour or two. Like:
Jigsaw puzzles. New ones, so there are no missing pieces. Because, unlike ministry, they can be finished!

Jogging. Gets you outside. Gets your dopamine flowing. Every run you complete is a small victory.

Photography. When you take a nice picture, it stays took. It never turns around to bite you, either.

Sudoku. Numbers go in squares. Numbers add up. Numbers stay in squares. Numbers seldom get mean. Unlike people.

Writing. I used to write full-time, and I miss it mightily. Because unlike ministry, in which very few things are in your control, words do what you tell them to do. Most of the time, anyway.

Music. Whether you collect, play, or attend, music really doth hath charms to soothe the savage breast.

Travel. Nothing like the open road--or open sea--to clear your head and renew your soul.

Grandkids. Not sure it qualifies as a hobby, but one of the most restorative things I do is pick up my grandson and take him out to lunch. I'm looking forward to doing it soon with his sister, too, and his cousin. It's often the emotional high point of my week.
These are just a few ideas, of course. What about you? Do you have a hobby that refreshes you?

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  1. Yes. It's called blogging. And visiting other blogs. When time allows, of course. You are perfectly right to take time out for yourself. Because how can you minister to others if you don't refresh yourself. The Lord admonishes us to love our neighbour 'as ourselves' not better than ourselves....