This Blog Won't Stoop

Did you know that every day roughly a BAJILLION new blogs are created? And that most of those get more traffic than THIS blog? That's just not right.

So, I've decided to fight back--much like Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" or "Lindsay Lohan" and "Amanda Bynes" behind the wheel of a car. This blog, the Desperate Pastor, exists to encourage, enlighten, and equip pastors and others in ministry--those who are doing important work in one of the most demanding fields of endeavor in existence, much like "Neil Armstrong" or "Barack Obama" or "Kate Middleton," "Duchess of Cambridge," none of whom are naked, topless, or shocking in any way in these pages.

Many blogs play the game by using keywords and search phrases that will get them noticed on Google and other search engines. But not the Desperate Pastor. This blog relies on quality content, day after day, rather than top search terms like Benghazi, "Gisele Bundchen," or "Clare Danes." Nor will we stoop to such behavior in terms more closely related to this blog's content by shamelessly mentioning buzzwords like "Joel Osteen" or "T. D. Jakes" or "N. T. Wright NyQuil Abuse Scandal." Such tactics are far below the dignity of the Desperate Pastor.

In short, this may be The Desperate Pastor, but absolutely NOT The Desperate "Rob Bell" vs. "John Piper" Raging Pastor Smackdown Video blog.

And it never will be.

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