Prayers and Dreams

I have frequently fallen asleep while praying (it's not always a bad thing to do so, but is often to me like a child falling asleep in a loving parent's arms). I have also occasionally awakened praying. But a few nights ago, I had a new experience: I prayed in my dream.

I dreamt of someone asking me to pray for them (through an open car window). The request was different; she asked me to pray that tests would reveal her to be left-handed. So I said I would pray, and soon thereafter prayed for her as I picked up around the house where I was staying (which was not my home).

I don't know what the dream means. I'm not concerned about it. And I don't remember much else about the dream. But I vividly recall praying. And I'm blessed by it.

I would like to live in such a way that prayer infiltrates not only my waking moments, but my sleeping ones as well. It seems a little strange that I prayed for such an odd request, from a person I don't know (at least not yet). But I am encouraged, and will be still more so, as prayer pervades my sleep and day dreams...and as the lines between dreaming (whether sleeping or waking) and praying become less marked for me.

What about you? Do you pray in your dreams? Perhaps more importantly, do you dream in your prayers?

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