Free Christian Fiction eBooks? Yes, Please.

I know some pastors and leaders eschew--even dismiss--the reading of fiction as a waste of time...or worse.

To that, I say poppycock. And tommyrot.

Good fiction broadens a person's (even a pastor's or church leader's) horizons. It can improve a preacher's storehouse of knowledge, provide illustrations, and teach a lot about how to communicate true things via story. It can sharpen the mind, ignite the imagination, and inspire the soul.

So, when I see something like this, I don't hesitate to share it:

Christian Fiction Book Reviews is offering a contest for $300 worth of free Christian novels, due to the generosity of authors John Michael Hileman, Naty Matos, Barbara Ellen Brink, and Staci Stallings.

Click here for more information.

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