Caring CAN Be Automated

Anyone in ministry--or business, education, or sales, for that matter--juggles a plethora of relationships. Marriage. Family. Friends. Church members. Small group. Business connections. And on and on it goes.

In thirty-plus years of ministry, I never got good at it. Too often, I would promise to pray for someone--and then forget. Too often, I would agree to call someone--and that promise would fall between the cracks of my too-busy day. Too often I would fail at keeping up with the many people I cared about.

I wish I'd had the People Care app years ago. It is a handy tool for anyone with an iPhone or iPad to help you keep up with those you care about, reminding you to check back on how a person is doing or follow up on important events. It makes it easy to see at a glance who you haven't touched base with in a while, and even keeps records of interactions for you.

The People Care website suggests a broad range of ways the app can be used:
-Finish a conversation with your family members, take a minute to enter the crucial info into the People Care app and move on with the knowledge that you won’t forget about the people you care most about just because a telemarketer calls you five minutes later.

-Got a lunch meeting with a co-worker, supervisor or potential new hire? Make notes of the essential points in People Care as you jump into your car after lunch or at the stop light!

-Working the sales floor and want to show your customers (and supervisor) that you value the customers? Finish your sales conversation by entering the basic info on the potential customer as well as some other info. Maybe make a note to follow-up with the customer on their interest in the product you’re selling. Or, make a note about personal information you learned about them so you don’t forget! We all want to be valued beyond our potential to be a sale, show you care by keeping tabs on your customers with People Care!

-Got a highly mobile sales team? Make sure they use People Care to note and report on their contacts each week using the “Email Historical Report” function on the Well being Page.

-Got spiritual mentor/protege relationships to manage? Use People Care to keep notes for yourself on the progress and development of those relationships and meetings.
Not only is People Care a breakthrough app for people in ministry, I rejoice that some of the proceeds from your purchase will support the ministry of a long-time personal friend with a huge heart for people.

Oh, and did I mention? It's only $2.99. I spent more money on index cards back in the day.

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