Your iPhone Can Reveal Your Holiness

I was not joking some time ago when I said here on the Desperate Pastor that iPhones make better pastors (read it here). Well, Jon Acuff, on his Stuff Christians Like blog (one of my favorites), takes it a bit further, and not just for pastors. He suggests the following:
I don’t need the table of contents in my Bible. In fact, I’m so holy I ripped it out and rolled it up into a homemade shofar horn to call my kids down to dinner. But that’s so paper of me, declaring my holiness by proving I know exactly where the book of Joel is based on my constant reading of the Bible. That’s 1997. Not relevant. Not postmodern or whatever the word we care most about is right now.

How do we update that idea? How, in 2012, can you really tell if someone is holy?

By looking at where they keep their Bible app on their smart phone.

Read the rest here, and see how your personal holiness measures up.

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