Preaching Today

Tony Jones, presenting today at the Festival of Homiletics in Atlanta, says:
We live in the most highly educated society and the most highly participatory culture in the history of humankind. Everything around us has changed: the clothes we wear, the way we transport ourselves, how we communicate.

And yet, 99% of preachers stand up on Sunday morning and deliver a monologue. A soliloquy.

And their churches decline. And they wring their hands.

There is another way. There is a way of participation and inclusion and dialogue and conversation.
He's absolutely right. How has YOUR preaching changed? How SHOULD it change, in order to reach the hearts and minds of today's audience?


  1. Agreed. It should be a pastors goal to preach replant truth in the lives of others. Great post.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Dan. It is a challenging thought.