The Perils of Writership

So, a few weeks ago I was a guest preacher at my friend Tim's church. The church's name is GracePointe. He and the other leaders of the church graciously allowed me
to offer some of my books for sale before and after the service, and one of the elders, an old friend by the name of Tom, bought a book. I asked if I should inscribe it to him. He said no, he planned to give it to the church library, so he gave me a name. I heard the name as "Grace Hoyt." I asked if there was an "e" on the end and he said there was. So I signed it and handed it to him.

A week or two later, I was having lunch with Pastor Tim, and he opened the book to the title page and showed it to me. "Who is Grace Hoyte?" he asked.

ONLY THEN did it dawn on me that Tom had asked me to inscribe it to GracePOINTE. Grace....POINTE. With an "e" on the end.

I owe them a book.

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