Networking for Introverts

I have an unscientific theory that the majority of pastors are introverts. Maybe that's because I am, and most of the pastors I've worked with are. In fact, I theorize that as many as eighty percent of pastors are introverts (though not all are RAGING introverts, as I am).

That's why I thought the following post, from Jim Lathrop's blog, would be truly helpful for many people of a pastoral persuasion:
Confession: I’m an introvert. Now I know it is hard for some people to believe, but I would rather be alone than in a big group most of the time. Many introverts assume that because they’d rather be alone, they will never become a good networker. I couldn’t disagree more.

I think it is untrue that it takes a complete extrovert to be a good networker. Extroverts do have some advantages because they are good at getting in a room and meeting the most people. However, some extroverts are so consumed with meeting people that they never connect in a personal, relational way.

Introverts usually get a bad rap since we only make up about 24-40% of the population. However, according to this study, introverts make up a majority of....
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