Church of the Week: St. John the Evangelist Church

Just over a week ago, in the company of my (much) older brother Larry, I visited the neighborhoods in which I grew up--Silverton, Deer Park, Kennedy Heights, and Pleasant Ridge--in Cincinnati. On our drive around the area, we stopped for a few minutes at St. John the Evangelist Church at the corner of Plainfield and Deer Park, in Deer Park.

The Roman Catholic church was founded in 1891 and is the oldest church in Deer Park. I remember this impressive modern building in my childhood, dominating the fork in the road just north of Montgomery Road, Meyer Winery, and the Italianette Pizzeria (all of which are still there, so I can't be that old).

We checked the doors, and they were all locked (whatever happened to churches being open for prayer during the day?). So we had to content ourselves with peering in the windows at the lovely sanctuary, and strolling through the well-tended gardens.

The church's website is here. Their annual festival is coming up June 8-10. We should all go.

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