Pastor Retreats

The lovely Robin and I have benefitted numerous times from the ministry of various friends and organizations who have offered us retreat sites for nothing or next-to-nothing. In Michigan, Colorado, Kentucky, and Ohio, we have experienced the generosity and hospitality--and recreativity--of prayer retreats and pastoral health retreat.

Now, one of my favorite bloggers, Lawrence W. Wilson, has posted a state-by-state listing (here) of guest, retreat, or vacation accommodations for those in ministry, some of which are offered free and all of which are affordable.

Check it out. And then GET A ROOM!


  1. All these places sound wonderful. But, realistically we don't have money to pay our bill's, much less to actually do something to lift us up. All our time, money, strength and energy is poured out to hurting people. We serve a mainline church who says the pastor and his wife are supposed to be the "ambassadors" for the church while the members sit, gossip and complain.

  2. Dede, so sorry to hear that. I hurt for you. I pray (right now) for a way for you to find some relief and refreshment. Keep in mind that some of the retreat places are free to pastors...I know, because I've used them.